Important Information: Just Kids Pediatrics at Florence Park

Florence Park Pediatrics


Dear Patients,

Dolly Parton has a wonderful quote: “If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain!”

I’ve been repeating this to myself frequently lately and I think it’s so appropriate in our particular situation. Please, oh please know that I have NOT lost site of your needs and I am doing everything in my power to get them heard and addressed in the best way possible. But, if you have called since the merge for anything from a drug refill, to a referral question, to try to get in touch with me in some way, you have likely experienced some major frustration. I hear you!

Here are some temporary work-arounds that will hopefully ease some of that frustration. And PLEASE TRUST that I am trying with all my might to get the kinks worked out. When you merge a little neighborhood clinic with a much larger entity with multiple branches… well… there’s going to be some rain!

  1. The FPP portal will no longer be used on a regular basis! Although it’s there and still functioning, I just can’t possibly balance two practices effectively. And because we all must move forward, I’m trying to make it all happen though the JKP system. JKP is planning to change EHR systems within a year, so the one they currently use is, admittedly, not the most functional. However, there are a couple of ways you can reach me (almost) directly.
    1. Use the “Send a Text” button on the Just Kids Pediatrics website – this will get a message to queue that I will be checking once daily for any messages directed at me
    2. You can use this function for refills, questions about your child, etc.
    3. You can schedule appointments on the “Schedule An Appointment” tab on the JKP website – this should at least avoid a phone call and some frustration!
  2. If you call and it seems like the person on the other line doesn’t know what you are talking about or even who I am, there is a reason for that:
    1. Calls get filtered through all the JKP locations (not just the triage center), so word is still working its way around about who I am and who my patients are. We’re doing as much as we can to get this word out in a more efficient way, but there are just still a few employees who aren’t aware. If this happens, try specifically telling them you are a patient of Dr. Elizabeth Dunlap at the JKP Midtown Tulsa location.
  3. Please remember…. your child must have a chart set up with JKP! When you make your first call to us, you will need to do this before any refill can be fulfilled or even before a question can be answered. Otherwise, you aren’t a patient. They don’t have access to our old system, so they need this to happen.
  4. When you have your first appointment, you will get a text from Phreesia (our intake software) addressed to your child that requests that you go ahead and “check in” – if it’s your first time visiting us since the merge, this will mean a LOT of information to fill out – PLEASE do this – EVEN if you’ve been a patient of mine for over a decade! It’s extremely important to build a full chart and to make a smoother process. If you do this BEFORE your appointment, it will reduce your wait time in the clinic a LOT
  5. Speaking of wait times, yes, they have increased, and YES, I’ve been working on shaving that back down. There are several reasons for the increased wait times, but we are all working together to get things back to the speedy process you’ve come to love!

Thank you! Thank you ALL! You are rock star patients and you have had rock star PATIENCE!!!

And always remember: If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain!!

In Love and Health,

Dr. D