Talking about birth control with your adolescent should never be a taboo topic.Dr. Dunlap

No one wants to imagine that their adolescent is or will be sexually active, but, the truth is, this time will come for every person. It may be during adolescence or it may be much later in life. Regardless, preparation is important. It is well known that avoiding the topic is actually leads to more high risk behavior in adolescents. Studies also show that adolescents who are educated early about sex and contraception are less likely to engage in risky behavior.

Expect this subject to be discussed at your teenager’s well child check once they have reached an appropriate age (usually around age 15). Sometimes, we need to discuss oral contraceptive pills earlier than expected when a girl is having severe periods or problems with acne. However, contraception should also be discussed as it pertains to prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted illness.

Dr. Dunlap can discuss and prescribe contraception when you or your adolescent feel it is necessary.