COVID-19 Safety and Resources

Also: Coronavirus, Novel Coronavirus

Florence Park Pediatrics takes the safety of our patients and staff very seriously, and we have put office procedures in place to reduce risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please read the details below before your next visit.

We have also included links to some valuable and reliable COVID-19 resources for parents.

Entering/Leaving the Office

To ensure that we have only one family at a time in the public area of our office, we ask that all families call us before entering the building. We will tell you when we are ready for you to enter. When leaving, please be aware of other families checking out and wait until the waiting area is clear before exiting the building.

Exam Rooms

We clean and disinfect every exam room after every visit. After an exam with a confirmed COVID-19 patient, the room will be closed and not used for a full hour after disinfection.

Well Visits

People are welcome to enter the building for well visits, as long as they have no symptoms of cough, fever, body aches, or chills, and known COVID-19 contact in the past week. We will limit the number of people in the waiting room, so you may be asked to return to your car to await your visit.

Sick Visits

We will ask you to remain in your car and call the office when you arrive. Our clinicians and nurses will wear complete personal protective equipment (PPE) when seeing infectious patients.


  • Well Visits will be scheduled in the hours before our lunch break.
  • Sick visits will ONLY be scheduled after the lunch break with no exceptions.
  • If you or your child has tested positive for COVID or had direct prolonged exposure to COVID in the past 2 weeks, you will be asked to reschedule your well child check.
  • Newborn visits will be scheduled first thing in the morning whenever possible, between 8am and 9am, in order to have them seen at the “cleanest” part of the day.


Masks will be required for all people ages 3 and over entering the clinic. They will be worn throughout the visit except when a patient is asked to remove it by the physician.

Family Members

Please limit the number of family members attending each visit when at all possible. We do not have any firm rules limiting parents or siblings at visits. However, we kindly request that you respect the fact that our exam rooms are small. When more people are present in that small space, the nurse and provider are at increased risk.

If ANY family members are ill or have been ill in the past 2 weeks, please DO NOT bring them to the clinic without first discussing this with our staff.


Our clinic is now providing both rapid and send-out PCR testing for COVID. Except in very few cases, you will be required to see a physician if your child requires a COVID test.

We offer COVID tests to parents for an out-of-pocket cost of $80 per test for a rapid test and $50 per test for a send-our PCR test.