Down Syndrome

Also: Trisomy 21

Children born with Trisomy 21 have extensively unique needs that should be addressed on a regular basis as they grow.

In addition to a multitude of screening tests and specialists required, your child should get early developmental intervention, as early as 2 months of age or sooner. They also will need annual lab work to screen for disorders that are more common in children with Trisomy 21 including thyroid dysfunction, blood cell disorders, dyslipidemias and more.

The following resources are just a few of those that will be helpful to you as you navigate your child’s special needs. Dr. Dunlap works with many children with Down’s Syndrome and is familiar with their unique needs.

In addition to the resources listed, it is highly recommended you get your child on the wait list for Little Lighthouse, as it can be at least 2 years long. You should also contact SoonerStart, an early intervention service offered by the state free of charge.