Let’s get real, breastfeeding is HARD! I have breastfed four children and have experienced, perhaps, every single barrier to breastfeeding that one can encounter. I like to think this happened so I could take better care of my breastfeeding moms!Dr. Dunlap

The bottom line is this: if you are experiencing any issues with breastfeeding; painful/cracked/bleeding nipples, seemingly low milk supply, difficult latch, etc. Please ask for help! There is no need to suffer. 

It typically takes anywhere from one to four weeks for breastfeeding to become the relatively easy bonding experience that moms are hoping for. For the large majority of women, this will happen, but it takes work! Breastfeeding is rarely a simple process without speedbumps along the way. Assuming a mom desires to breastfeed her baby, we can get through those barriers. 

Although it is always recommended to at least try to breastfeed your baby (sometimes it’s a better experience than you realized it would be!), no mom will ever be made to feel guilty or stigmatized for choosing not to breastfeed. 

The following articles are good resources for help with lactation as well as information about breastmilk storage. Remember, it is often best to have an in-person or virtual consultation with a certified lactation consultant. Florence Park Pediatrics has several lactation consultants on call that can do consultations in our office.