Also: Epistaxis

Although often scary, nosebleeds are typically a benign and common event in childhood. During the rapid period of growth of childhood and early adolescence, the tissue in the nostrils is very easily torn, exposing vessels and leading to nosebleeds. Common triggers include dry air, allergies, and digital trauma (otherwise known as nose-picking).

Some things one can do to alleviate frequent nosebleeds are: use saline gel or Neosporin applied to each nostril every night before bed; use a humidifier in the bedroom; use Afrin nose spray, one spray in each nostril once daily for ONLY THREE DAYS in a row.

Nosebleeds lasting longer than 10-15 minutes with no sign of easing, or occurring very frequently (once a day for over a week) or soaking through multiple Kleenex in a single bleed, should be evaluated. Frequent nosebleeds can often be addressed by cauterizing the offending vessel. This is usually done in the office of an Ear Nose and Throat specialist.